I have been working in the small screen mobile and machine control applications since 1999. My strengths are sketching, storyboarding, wire framing and screen flow diagrams plus interactive model making, these can run on PCs Android and iOS products. These can be rough and ready models, or highly finished. Some examples of my work can be seen here.


My first involvement with a smart ‘phone interface was with Symbian working on what became the Sony Ericsson P800 and P900 models.


Later I was with Three before they launched. I designed the UX for their email, calendar, and address book. The email product lasted from the company’s launch in 2003 until 2009. I also assisted in the development of their video ‘phone application.


I was invited by NOKIA to design the camera and gallery that appeared in their N series, most notably the N95. The NOKIA 7280 ‘lipstick’ ‘phone’s input mechanism was a spin off from my original camera ‘phone design


I then worked at Orange on their Orange Photo, Voice Mail and Settings products


Fujitsu were requested by the Post Office to re engineer their existing HMI that interfaced with their staff side till due to the increase in product being sold by Post Office Counters Ltd. I designed the UX and UI for this product. This HMI appears at every counter point in every UK Post Office.


At Vodafone I was involved with the development of their on-line help system.


I was asked back to Three where I was given the task of developing new product either from my own ideas or to assist others in the company who came up with concepts.

Fjord (Berlin)

Then I went to Fjord in Berlin to work on iPhone product, the end client being Deutsche Telekom.


I was asked back to Orange where I worked on a number of their financial services offerings, Orange Money, Wallet, Cash, Cash Teen, Cotise, Cloud Commerce, as well as Orange Daily, Orange Assistant, and Orange Cloud storage, plus storyboarding and researching automotive, virtual reality, and an in-car gesture product.

Please contact me for further examples and more information.

Video examples

Orange Money - finished product

Orange Money sketch proposal example

Nokia  demo of the original camera design (I was responsible for all the design and modeling of this product)

Three proposal for an interactive pick the phone that's right for me application (I was responsible for all the concept, design and modeling of this product)